Where healing comes from is ambiguous

Living with ambiguous loss requires a spiritual tolerance -no, spiritual comfort-with ambiguity. Simply put, it requires faith.  Not all professionals are trained to accept this way of thinking, but pastors and people of spirituality have a head start.
However we come to find more comfort with the unknown and unsolvable-and temper our needs for control and mastery-that transformative growth will paradoxically increase our effectiveness to ease the suffering of others who must, through no fault of their own, continue to live with the pain of ambiguous loss. - Pauline Boss, Pastoral Psych (2010) 59:139
Jesus, at first glance, is the exemplar of this.  Can you imagine anything more ambigous than what His life must have been?  Certain of God's goodness, but without Siri to tell him where to go? The Gospels are so certain about some things, the important things, but God in human form automatically introduces ambiguity into the story of God, because humans are ambiguous and contingent people, no?  And yet, He can minister to us, because He knows us so.

Also, I think she just accidentally denounced the prince of evangelical theological commitments.


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