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I am currently in the process of finding all the best .mp3 , podcast, and even video I can find on the 'net. I am interested in lectures, especially class lectures, by theologians, especially the postmodern, post-Barth, systematic, kind. <--I don't know what that means either, but Google will.... Thus far, I have a number of links to Rowan Williams, some T.F. Torrance, some Hart and even some Jensen. I've already scoured Faith&Theology as well as some related links, but would love to be more comprehensive. All kinds of lectures are welcome. The iTunesU pages are woeful and pretty much impossible to find. When I think of how many wonderful lectures I attended that went unrecorded, I'm motivated to dig some out! Do you know of any? Any professors who allow their lectures out in the wild? If so, post 'em up in the reply section here, or email me!
Ray Anderson 
Karl Barth
Walter Brueggemann
Alain Badiou,
    David Bradshaw
    •  "Divine Energies in Eastern Orthodox Christianity," (in relation to Aristotle in the East and West) Pts One and Two
    • A video with response from Milbank, as well as other video discussions.
    John Caputo
    Noam Chomsky
    James Cone
    Marva Dawn
    Gordon Fee
    • 3 Devotions from a Vineyard Conference; 1,2,3
    James Forbes
    Makoto Fujimura
    • The Extravagance of Hope: The Mediating Role of Art in Culture, Part 1, Part 2
      Justo Gonzalez
      Stanley Grenz
      Gustavo Gutierrez
      David Bentley Hart
      Stanley Hauerwas
      Robert Jenson
      Alister McGrath
      Jürgen Moltmann
      Nancey Murphy
      Ben Myers
      Richard John Neuhaus
      Lesslie Newbigin
        Reinhold Niebuhr
          Oliver O'Donovan

          Wolfhart Pannenberg
            Vinoth Ramachandra
            James B. Torrance
            T.F. Torrance
            Paul Tillich
              Kevin Vanhoozer
              Miroslav Volf
              John Webster
              Cornell West
              Merold Westphal
                Dallas Willard
                Rowan Williams
                Ben Witherington III
                NT Wright
                Slavoj Žižek
                Slavoj Žižek - John Milbank
                Slavoj Žižek - Cornell West
                Audio Series & Conferences:
                Veritas Forum: -hit and miss.
                Boston College: Front Row: 150+ lectures.
                Seattle Pacific University has some wonderful speakers on iTunes U.
                Maclaurin Campus Lectures.
                The Discourse Notebook:
                Baylor University: a number of lectures, some listed above.
                Sacred Modernities: "The aim of this conference was to take stock of these transformations in the context of what is often referred to as a ‘post-secular’ age comprised of ‘multiple modernities’." (via infinite th0ught)
                Patristic audio books!
                Please Suggest Some More! :


                1. John Webster's Kantzer lectures:

                2. I would check out the Veritas Forum if I were you--might be something of interest.


                3. Many Tom Wright links at

                4. @Richard: Doh! Thanks.

                  @Amber: Thanks Amber, that's a great suggestion. I confess I am conflicted about the Veritas Forums. One of my good friends is on it, but in general it does not really represent the kind of lecture I am looking for: there's a whole lot of natural theology lovin' in there, which I'm not too excited about. Perhaps I should just link to the forum page. Any thoughts on how to proceed?

                5. Oliver O'Donovan "Morally Awake? Admiration and Resolution in the light of Christian faith" at

                6. Two lecture by David Burrell, one by Hauerwas. From the same site, there is also a lecture by Fergus Kerr on Act and Event in Aquinas:


                  Oliver O'Donovan's 2001 Stob Lectures at Calvin College:


                7. Concordia Seminary in St. Louis (The Lutherans) have some spot-on stuff on their iTunesU.

                8. A number of lectures recorded at Seattle Pacific University. Available on their iTunes U site. Includes Moltmann, Richard Hays, Kallistos Ware, and my personal favorite: a debate between Mark Driscoll and SPU's own NT Professor Rob Wall on gender roles and the Bible.













                9. Wref to Vinoth Ramachandra, try


                  his lecture on Chrisian Witness in an Age of Globalization at

                10. The T. F. Torrance lectures won't download - something to do with Switchpod I think... I've emailed Ben Myers about it, but he hasn't responded (I gather he gets a lot of correspondance regards his blog). Anyone sugget how I might be able to get hold of these lectures?

                11. David Bradshaw - Chair of Philosophy at the University of Kentucky. This is a recording of him at the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies speaking concerning The concept of Divine Energies in Eastern Orthodox Christianity. Pts 1 and 2. This is from a Colloquium discussing subjects related to his book Aristotle East and West: Metaphysics and the Division of Christendom. See Also
                  for more.



                12. I appreciate that you linked to my site, but just an advice: your Žižek links are a bit messed up, you would have saved the trouble by simply linking to my blog. For example, I'm the one who uploaded the Žižek/Cornell debate and it's also 'gathered together' on my blog. And by doing that you would see that along with that lecture goes a lecture Cornell had with Badiou. On my blog you can also find Žižek having debates with others, not just Milbank & Cornell. And "lacanian plea..." can be found in video format on my blog (although admittedly video is a bit poor) and "the ignorance of chicken" is also available there along with tons of other video lectures by Žižek.

                  Ok, this was a bit of shameless self-promotion on my part.. and again, I really appreciate the link!

                13. OMG~I can't wait to listen to some of this stuff!!!

                  THANKS ERIN!!!


                14. thanks, all. Please let me know what you like and what you find :)

                15. thanks, all. Please let me know what you like and what you find :)

                16. has collected a lot of good stuff on the bio articles and on various topics too

                17. The last Vanhoozer lecture at Westminster is now a broken link

                18. bummer - you're right. I can't find it at the archive any longer. I'll leave it up and mark it broken in case a later search can uncover it. Thanks for the heads-up.

                19. Here is a good talk by Peter J. Gomes:


                  The iconocast series of interviews is pretty cool at it has Cornel West, Rita Brock, and a lot of others.

                21. Here's a link for Brueggamann on the OT, a series of talks he gave at a church in Knoxville:


                22. Take a look at There are more than 700 religion / theology / church and society audio programs here, thanks to cooperation with many seminaries, libraries, archives,and other church bodies. They have been digitized and saved so you can listen to them.

                23. Hi Jihn Webster's Kantzer lectures seem no longer available.... Is there a another source for download by any chance please? Thought it worth asking :) thanks David

                24. would you please suggest some good trinitarian theologians aand their audio teachings....

                25. There are wire recordings at Yale of H. Richard Niebuhr. These are rare and could be recorded with proper equipment.


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