How theology rearranged me

A Dogmatics that did not understand itself as Christology would be an apologetic, self justifying discipline, not an active discipline, inspired by the gospel.  It would have to seek to satisfy the objections  based on criteria alien to the subject.  But then it would be theologically discredited as assimilative science.  For the subject matter of theology is Christology.  And to think christologically means to reflect only on the revelation of God. 'The pertinence of theology consists in making the exposition of revelation its exclusive task'  Revelation is just htat event in the world with meets objections to those criteria.  'God's revelation has its reality and truth wholly and in every respect - i.e., ontically and noetically - within itself."  E. Jungel, "Karl Barth: A Theological Legacy", p.130

Looking back over the past few years of life with Barth, it strikes me that this is ultimately what Barth "does" for me - his dogmatic approach organizes theology,  providing an epistemology to work from. With this organization everything becomes Christology since that is the only revelation we have both in form and content.  For me, biblical studies, ethics, and theology all get thrown in the same tub together with the confession that Jesus is the revelation of God.  I think it's what it looks like to know only Christ crucified (1 Cor).


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