I am fortunate to receive a sabbatical this summer.  Our church practices a wise discipline of 3 months off every three years.  I don't really want it, but I can tell I need it.  One of the things I intend to do is blog more.  I'm intimidated by the blogs I read - I don't have great theological treatises in me on a regular basis, just random jumbles of thoughts.  Blogging feels pretty narcissistic and I'm not convinced anyone needs to read what I'm thinking, but I probably need the discipline to develop some thoughts and make them more accessible to our church.  So here goes...

As for the sabbatical, my trepidations are not the same ones people seem to assume.  I am not worried that everything will collapse without me; on the contrary, I worry things will go much better without me.  It is a profound fear of missing out on things that I seem to have always had.  It makes the Gospel really scary sometimes, as I seem to pick up the "do this or you're not in" internally more than the "God loves you."  So there you have it.  I promise not to navel gaze too much, but I still hope to be provocative.


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