repost: Bibledex, bible book movies

Ben Meyers at Faith&theology posted the following a day or so ago. It seems like a great resource, so you might want to check them out. Just please don't watch them to fact check me during the sermon. Wait until after......

Ben wrote,

Here's a great resource. Video journalist Brady Haran has collaborated with the theology department at Nottingham University to produce a short video on every book of the Bible. The videos feature various personalities from the Nottingham department – including Anthony Thiselton, John Milbank, Conor Cunningham, Alison Milbank, Philip Goodchild, and Karen Kilby. As well as covering every book of the Bible, there's a series of videos on individual verses and geographical locations.

The same guy has done two other video projects like this: one on sixty physics symbols, and one on the whole periodic table. It's great stuff."


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