The Next Evangelicalism: second thoughts

In our church partnership class, we cover a lot of ground in 10 weeks, from epistemology to American Baptist polity.  We spend one week on justice and one on race, and in preparation of race I have returned to The Next Evangelicalism and assigned the chapter 3, on racism for our class.  Re-reading the book led me to think about my earlier review of it.

For a church, the book is very helpful.  It engages people from a gerneral evangelical background and confronts them with different truth, and for that I am grateful.  I still believe the book resides too comfortably within an evangelical worldview, but I wonder if I have been overthinking it- perhaps it is perfectly written to stir up the average protestant church goer in the US?  In addressing specific issues instead of the overarching viewpoint, there may be a greater wisdom than fighting abstract battles over ideology that would instantly alienate most folk.  As it is, I am using it as a  helpful overview of the racial landscape of American churches that, mercifully includes Asian American folk. (I used to use Divided by Fatih, but it is exclusively black-white.)

Does it concede too much in the end?  I can't imagine any of my classes thinking so as it is really bracing for them.  It also makes me wonder whether or not I miss the point in worrying too much about epistemologies and not enough about addressing the immediate issues in front of me.  So thanks, professor Rah.
(I'd say kam sa ham ni da but my church would bag on me for trying too hard :) )


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