Fuller, Spam & The Pulpit

Fuller Seminary just started a newsletter for pastors.  I got a bit of a chuckle from it.
Q. What's wrong with this picture:
A New Resource for You,
A "Lifeline" for Us

...Our connection to grassroots ministries is our lifeline. To use a phrase that Pope John Paul II was fond of, theological education originates ex corde ecclesiae, "from the heart of the church." And--to revise his Latin slightly--we also need to be directed ad corde ecclesiase, "to the heart of the church."

This newsletter, then, is a "lifeline endeavor," a way of connecting to the heart of God's mission in the world. We will be offering ideas and discussions here that we hope will encourage and equip you in your important Kingdom service, as well as information about resources we can offer you--classes, seminars, lectures--in Pasadena or at one of our regional campuses. We want to serve you. We need to serve you. This is a lifeline that connects us to our heart.
Richard J. Mouw, President
 A.  Gee, thanks for telling me your connection to me is your lifeline.  Thanks, too for telling me all the things you can offer me. I'm glad you are so connected, and that you consider me your heart. 

Muow's a good guy & I have hope this goes somewhere but the letter is irritating. Thanks for valuing me enough to mass mail me stuff about you, lol.  It's tempting to desribe the letter as "for boomer corporate leaders to boomer corporate leaders," or imagine it printed on bright green paper under my windshield wiper.  You could argue they were treading lightly, bearing gifts to encourage involvement, and that's probably true, but it reads better in a monster-truck voice.

...soy, un perdedor.


  1. Sorry about the mailing. I looked all over for your car when I was putting green sheets under wipers and simply could not find yours.

    Richard Mouw (otherwise known as Muow)


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