Joya Scholars : What MIssional Looks Like

If you didn't know, tickets are still available to see the amazing Clara C. All the proceeds go to fund Joya Scholars, the organization Pastor Kevin Doi and Carey founded to help our city's neglected neighborhoods get higher education. The flyer, which looks amazing, was created by our own Brian Prince. It'll be a fun night, and I think this is what it means to be "missional;" people ministering to the city because Jesus is there. If you're in the area, have a look-see. There are a few tickets left: here

When Joya was founded, it was decided that it wouldn't be a religious organization, a decision of religious conviction. As an educational organization, it is more a part of the city instead of another church group. It feels more connected to civic life, and it practically allows Joya more access and overlap with schools, etc. I haven't yet grasped the nuances of Stringfellow, and only some of Hauerwas, enough to know how to think of church/secular engagement but I believe the fruitful relationships in the community and the children who are finding new doors are a Godly fruit.


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