music: holiday creation

The short break provided me a chance to make a little music (house) and read up on Aquinas. I have mixed feelings about Him. Reason is cool; natural law, not so much. I suspect my unease with him is kind of like that feeling you get the first time you discover your parents are broken, too.

As for the song, I was going to make something cynical and use televangelist quotes. Then I discovered there are a freakish number of "child preachers" on youtube. I don't know how to interpret it.  Foucault would say it is a technology of the self within a particular governmentality but Bobby Clinton would say it's a "sovereign foundation."  I think it's creepy, but I know I would like it if I were one of those kids,.  Anyways, I found a gentleman preacher- missed the name- and I was taken by his message about the responsibility of preaching.  So pushing cynicism aside, I sampled his voice for its integrity.


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