election day.

Well, it's time to vote again.  I like to vote, if only because it feels like a chance to voice my opinion, and I do feel a sense of responsibility about it.  That said, it isn't much of a  hope and I'm willing to abstain in some of the elections.  The governor's race is fascinating this year.  Jerry Brown, former governor and career politician has become the outsider because 'ole "Moon Beam Brown" has always been kind of Bohemian.  Meg Whitman, the political new-comer, seems like the "establishment" because she is the billionaire E-Bay CEO.  Strange days.

The propositions, of course, products of California's miserable system of initiatives, are definitely worth voting on.  If you need some last minute info, check out the non-profit, non-partisan California voting guide.  There are more links there, too.  My favorite: Follow the Money.  The site has no position, and is largely just information.  (if information can ever be trusted as neutral...hahahahahaha)

If prop 19 passes and pot is legalized, it will put churches into all kinds of funny moral dilemmas.  Priests could legally bake-out, LOL!  What then?!  Hot-boxing in the confession box? But it would give the church in America something to fret about and rail against other than homelessness, war and exploitative business practices.  Best case scenario if it passes: people stop trying to cover up the stink with incense and that wretched patchouli oil.  Stock tip: if 19 passes, invest  in Glade...

In the meantime, keep praying.


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