Clip of the Month: Jesus Make My Dying Bed

Zepplin stole remixed this great song for their version, "In My Time of Dying." Why this, this month?  'Dunno.  I was just feeling it.  The way death is confronted as real in the blues (&;gospel) really moves me.  When I listen to this, Jesus is more meaningful to me, more than just the biggest strongman in the sky.  
For me,  Delta Blues > Texas Blues.  Lyrics follow

Since me and Jesus got: married
Haven't been a minute apart
With the receiver in my hand
And re-ligion in my heart.

I can ring 'im up easy
Oh well
Ring 'im up easy
Go make up my

Weeping that he ain't: lost
They despised the Amen
Hanging on the Cross

Hanging there in misery
Oh well
Hanging there in misery
Go make up my
Mmmmmm mmmmm
Jesus gon' make up my

They despised the: Amen
Made poor Martha moan
Jesus said to his de-ciples
Come and carry my mother along

Dying will be easy
Dying will be easy
Dying will be easy
Jesus gon make up my

I'm dead and: buried
Somebody said that I was lost
When it get down to Jordan
Have to bear my body across
Done gone over
Oh well
Done gone over
Make up my...


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