Church Dogmatics Shipped!

I jumped on this amazing deal, Karl Barth's Church Dogmatics in 14 volumes.  That's 9233 pages of wonderful dogmatic theology, hardbound!  My reading for 2011 is set.  And it is shipping earlier than promised.  Can't wait to see that big 'ole dumptruck backing up to my house.

How much would you pay for this? 
Well previously I found hardcover for ~$650 cheap and paperback at about ~$400.  I have no idea how they can let the hardbound set go for $99, but it is a limited time offer so I jumped on it.  If you're interested, go for it!  We can start a reading group as we sit at the feet of one of the most profound thinkers in our time.


  1. You are one sick puppy dog. :)

  2. Haha, but it's nice to see you so excited :)


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