What Causes Pastor Burn-Out? (repost)

I promise to not be just repost everybody else's stuff, but this post at the Duke Divinity Call & Response blog very succinctly captures some of the bizarro world pastors live in, and I thought it might be a good read for church.  Even though we are trying to go after it differently than many churches, it still rings true. A taste:

When we put so much time and energy into preparing pastors for the ministry, isn’t it disconcerting to watch half of them leave within a couple of years?

I have often seen people shrug off the burnout. They figure that the ones who were not tough enough left. But what if it’s the healthy ones who are leaving? I wondered about this, so I asked my Twitter community of pastors (I’m @CarolHoward) about why we fizzle out so quickly. This is the feedback that I heard.


  1. Church politics seems like a big one too. Serene and I both have family that have suffered through this. I feel a special pain for the kids that have to carry these burdens too. I appreciate you and Kevin though!

  2. Yeah, that's true, too. I didn't' know that about you guys, D: sorry. Thanks for the kind words.


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