Home Cooked Racist Hysteria

I don't know if you caught The Daily Show last night, but it appears there is some tension over teaching Mandarin to students in Hacienda Heights, right up the road.  Turns out Mandarin makes you communist...  Here are articles from the Washington Times, and of course, the LA Times.   To be generous, the concern is that the Chinese government is funding some of the program - which of course, as Civ. IV has taught us, is a crucial step towards world domination.  Any moment assault mech's will roll up to our doors.  It's sad to see some of the painful racial rhetoric on display in the discussion, but at least it is visible, and something to talk openly about.  What makes this issue hysterically funny/poignantly sad is that I can't imagine how someone living in Hacienda Heights could not have rubbed shoulders with plenty of Mandarin speaking people who aren't communist..

It makes the Daily Show that much more brutal:

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