Ghost in the Machine

I'm listening to the Radio One Essential Mix archives, an English program featuring some great electronic music; free downloads. This particular mix features Deadmau5. Anyways, at about 24:10 there's a vocal clip of a man waxing poetically about the sensual nature of this "new generation"...

..I swear it's R.C. Sproul!
Can anyone confirm this?

I remember reading a great deal of Sproul when I first became a Christian. Sadly, now it seems like so much railing against today's culture without recognizing how culturally limited it also is. I understand the appeal though: it's all so certain. Anyways, Barth has led me away from apologetics. It's the real modern betrayal, the certainty of science instead of faith, so imagine my surprise to hear it pop up in the midst of my electro-house mix.

The juxtaposition is really funny to me: a voice of something I feel has become empty culture to me calling out from the middle of a music that people can't stand because it is so vapid....(largely older white people).  'Can't help but wonder if anyone else out there heard the same thing, and at once I feel rather awkwardly positioned between 2 cultures..oontza..oontza..oontza..

Everything is complicated.


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