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Ok, break's over.  I'm glad to see April go as it was insanely busy.  Weddings, classes, fundraisers, etc.; I haven't had a chance to catch my breath with all that's gone on. A sampling:
  • Our membership partnership class, Epicconnections has been great; moving at breakneck speed.  I am really pleased we are taking the space to present who we really are and what we believe to the folks who have felt called to live and minister with us.
  • I've had some favor and been able to do some music work on the side! (I am very happy about this) 
  • Compression test.mp3
  • Weddings, weddings, weddings.
  • Kevin has been busy, too, with a number of Asian American pastor conferences to attend in a compressed period.  It has been heartening to hear his stories as he share with other Asian American pastors and both considers what it means to be AA and what God is doing in AA circles
  • Along similar lines, the Joya Scholars event was a success as Joya rallied people to help provide resources to get inner city kids to college.

A major source of inspiration for me has come from studying Elijah, and Kings, by extension.  There are both powerful messages about life and troubling questions in the stories, and I feel like God has been addressing me in the midst of it all.  It's also prompted a quick refresher over Assyrian, Persian and Babylonian histories.  I used to hate history.

Mixed media helps, though;


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