A wonderful comment at F&T

Faith and Theology: The Global Atheist Convention: a Christian reflection
Sometimes the comments are the best parts of a blog.  Ben Meyers wrote a paper for an atheist conference about how atheism has shaped christian thinking; very nicely done -check it out here.  The comments have a lot of alpha-male feather fluffing as the internetz tend to inspire, but one commenter remarked something beautiful:
You know, I keep remembering Gustavo Gutierrez saying that Western theology keeps trying to answer atheism and the challenge of unbelief. Liberation Theology, on the other hand, finds the challenge of non-personhood, of the way oppression robs people of their humanity, to be more central than the question of non-belief.

I still think the second challenge is more important. - "Pilgrimpathways" (Michael L. Westmoreland-White)
What a trenchantly insightful illustration of what is wrong with so much theology sometimes.  Bonus points for coming from a Baptist :)  I'm not a liberation theologian, per se, but I feel something inside me say "yes" when I read that quote.


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