Niebuhr,Obama,Stassen & Afghanistan

There's a provocative post about Obama, Niebuhr and Afghanistan that Kim Fabricius wrote for Reform magazine in response to a piece by Ron Buford.  It's full of Sr. Fabricius' witty writing:
Jesus said, “Love your Niebuhr.” Or so Ron Buford would have us believe in his standing ovation for Obama’s decision to escalate the war in Vietnam – oops, I mean Afghanistan. (Sorry about that: we Americans have a lousy sense of world geography, not to mention an inexhaustible ignorance about regional cultures and histories. Which is why wherever our expeditionary forces go, even as they blow away one demon, there are always plenty more to take its place). Certainly, as Mr Buford notes, Obama loves his Niebuhr – his Reinhold Niebuhr (1892-1971). In his Nobel Prize acceptance speech, the president liberally deployed the language of the influential American theologian.
In the comments, Glen Stassen,  posted a link to an article examining Just War Theory and Afghanistan that is worth a read, written by David Cortright.   I remember taking Prof. Stassen's class and being shocked at how abused the phrase "Just War" has become .  Although sufficiently decomposed by now, Augustine must be turning over in his grave.  But that's another theological mess.  For now, do check out the article on Stassen's web page.  In fact check them all out.

*UPDATE: Just as I posted this, Ben posted a follow up piece by Stassen!  Take a look.


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