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Once again, Sage is offering free trial access to their online journal content until Oct 31. So you can gird your mental loins for Halloween. They seem to do it every year, so I feast and print like a gorging bear and then hibernate on it until the next time. So here's a dilemma- I would, at some point, love to put in our church budget an item for either the Logos software (GK/HB grammar and/or Church Dogmatics) or Sage Journal Access. If you had to pick, which would be most useful? For the link, just click their banner:


  1. Thanks so much for the notice. I found an interesting journal called "Journal of Vibration and Control." And the first article is, "Slow Passage through Multiple Parametric Resonance Tongues."

    Abstract: This work concerns linear parametrically excited systems that involve multiple resonances. The property of such systems is that if the parameters are fixed and lie inside a resonance tongue, the motion becomes unbounded as time goes to infinity. In this work we consider what happens when the parameters are not fixed, but rather are constrained to vary slowly in time, passing into and out of the resonance tongues.
    One might expect that during the time in which the motion lies inside a tongue the solution grows, and that the slower the passage through the tongue the more time is spent inside the tongue, and the larger the resulting growth. We show that this is not always the case. In particular we investigate the effect of initial conditions and relative forcing amplitudes on the growth or amplification of the solution. We address the problem of
    how to choose these parameters so as to minimize growth (i.e., to de-amplify the solution) after passage through multiple tongues.

    Keywords: Parametric excitation, slow passage, multiple resonances, amplification.

    Thanks again, Obliged, Daniel

  2. hahaha, wild stuff.
    There are some fine theology journals too, last time I checked.
    I hope...

  3. This is perfect timing, actually... I need an article for a class, but our university subscription to SAGE is acting up and won't load. Thanks for the tip.


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