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Glen at The Hiddenness of Blog has either done us all a tremendous favor or terrible evil.  He has located and arranged the Google Books versions of Barth's Church Dogmatics for your reading pleasure.  I don't think each instance is from the same publishing run or house, but there is a lot of text available.  It's a pretty cool find.
He explains though, that :
Google books is great. Wonderful. But when it comes to Barth, there were two bummers: One. The books were incomplete. I don’t know if there were copyright issues, or they wanted you to buy the book, but you couldn’t get it all on there. In fact, a pivotal part I was in need of was missing. Blerg. And two, they were difficult to figure out how to get to the actual volume you needed. The layout was funky. So I took the liberty of just throwing them all down here:
And here is the fruit of his labor:
The Doctrine of the World of God:  Vol. I/1Vol. I/2
The Doctrine of God:  Vol. II/1Vol. II/2
The Doctrine of Creation:  Vol. III/1 Vol. III/2Vol. III/3Vol. III/4
The Doctrine of Reconciliation: Vol. IV/1Vol. IV/2Vol. IV/3.2Vol. IV/3.1Index.
Clearly, this is a resource only a student with a too-near deadline could love, but I do, too. Ultimately, I guess I'm waiting for the Blogger Church Dogmatics widget.  I did find some Moltmann at my local library.  Anyways, Glen also mentioned a free 30 day trial, too:
Alexander Street Press. Maybe the publisher? Anyways, they claim to have the whole library online. However, like everything, there’s a catch. You have to pay. But, I guess you can get a free 30-day pass here, so if you just need it once, or are just testing it out, this would probably be a good option.
So there you have it.  "Free": sometimes a great argument for "purchase".


  1. Thank you so much for this aid. It's been a great help to me this week, and will continue to be for the next few weeks as I study Barth intensively for one of my theology classes...

  2. your III/1 link is wrong (it's the same as your III/2 link.
    this one is right (same edition, right volume)


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