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OK, after much searching, I have tracked down a goodly number of theology lectures and given the audio resources post a good organizing, just like mom would want. Thanks to you all, I also have a number of new lectures as well.
  • So now it's alphabetized.
  • Many new lectures added.
  • A couple of additional resource sections have been included.
  • A permalink to the right make it easy to find
  • A fancy new graphical header added.
  • I made a decision not to include non-Christian philosophers unless they are addressing Christians or debating, because there is no way I can track down all the collegiate continental philosophy lecture on line. Sadly, erudite and penetrating theological messages are much harder to find. ..
  • Please keep submitting them!
I'm not sure how realistic it will be to keep this on a blogger blog, but now that we have some webspace at church, I might rebuild the blog, stronger, with more web 2.0 in every crunchy bite. So check out the new page!
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