america causes cancer

believe it.
best headline ever.
America Causes Cancer
Psychology Today
August 7, 2009

Hispanics living in Florida have a 40 percent higher cancer risk than those who live in their native countries. A new study reconfirms previous findings (with Japanese) that Americans have a carcinogenic way of life.

Is there any logical connection between what really threatens American lives and the money spent defending against these dangers?

The U.S. spent $636,292,979,000 last year on military expenditures (presumably defending the nation against terrorists and Russians). Total U.S. spending on medical research was about $95 billion, about 1/7th the money that went to the military.

Yet a study published in 2002, found about a quarter million Americans die each year from avoidable causes—things that proper medical care would have detected and treated. How many died from terrorist attacks?

The Urban Institute has estimated that about 22,000 Americans die annually simply because they lack health care. That's about seven times the total toll from 9/11 every year.
Good point, great title.


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