New Series: 1 Corinthians at Epic

Today begins a new series about 1 Corinthians. Far from recreating online another commentary dissecting the grammar, each week I will reproduce the kind of summary outline that the 12 or so of us at Epic arrived at in our weekly inductive study. The aim is not to put Eerdmans out of business, but rather bear witness to what we have seen Paul say and God through him. I am also adding some additional thoughts for the participants of the study to consider as we meet & eat through the week together. Perhaps the biggest challenge will be formatting and outline in Blogger.

Part of my intention is to figure out how to help people read the Bible and increasingly think theologically without making everyone go to seminary. How does deep theology get ingrained in a body of believers? How is it lived out? This will be a work in progress so I really invite your feedback, questions and discussions.


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