clip of the month: Alice

Pogo is a talented musician who takes samples from soundtracks, cuts and arranges them, adds some other elements and creates some wonderful jazzy, chill stuff. This is the kind of music I am working towards making myself. Well that and the 1-hit top 40 moneymaker.. :P

Alice in Wonderland is perfect, too. I love both the original books and the Disney movie. So trippy. Maybe its the 80's in me, but my aesthetic predilections remain firmly grounded in surrealism, though I am not sure why. I leave it to your conjecture as you watch:


  1. The more I listen to this, the more my heart tingles with glee. :D

  2. Where are the daily jokes?

  3. why do I have the sudden desire to smoke some hash?

  4. Goodness! I've just spend the past half an hour watching his videos. It has a good vibe and nostalgia factor. Sweetness.


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