race: the thing you're ignoring p.II

Quite unknowingly, my last post has coincided with some provocative material over at Inhabitatio Dei. Definitely worth checking out for some theological meat;

1. He has reviewed a book I have on order, Race: a Theological Account. It looks to be a compelling book, and Halden's review is provacative, as well. Here's a little something:
As such, salvation as given in Christ is precisely salvation from whiteness, from a theological structure of antagonism that reduces our interhumanity to the polarities of hegemony and counter-hegemony
2. In a somewhat related earlier post, he cites Gorman's consideration of theosis, that is our sanctification. What's interesting is the communal nature Gorman's description:
"This means also that to become the righteousness or justice of God in Christ is theosis. This is not primarily an individual experience, but a corporate one of communal theosis–we become, in Christ, the righteousness/justice of God."


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