race: good news

A fascinating article of the AP wire: Multiracial people become fastest growing US group
In many ways this hopefully gains ground in defeating the racialization of America, by prohibiting us from resolving people's identities into simple binary categories. Amongst other nuggets in the passage:
"The significance of race as we know it in today's legal and government categories will be obsolete in less than 20 years," said William H. Frey, a demographer at Brookings Institution.
"The rise of mixed-race voters will dilute the racial identity politics that have become prevalent in past elections," he said.
While that's a little over-optimistic for me, the prospect is encouraging. Perhaps even one day, a dark skinned person will not be thrust into the sterotypes of "black" America puts on African Americans, regardless of their internal identification as cablinasian, or other. I can't help that it erodes some of the captivity to racialized thinking. This is not to say there are not differences between people to acknowledge. I am not a proponent of color blind thinking, but I do hope for a time where we celebrate how we are all God's children.

So what does this mean for he church? Dave Gibbons has some thoughts. What about you?


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