quote: creation

"Moreover, the visibility by which the Son renders visible the invisible Father extends to the act of creation itself, which takes place through the Son. Therefore, creation itself and the many making it up exist through the visibility by which the Son of the Trinity discloses the invisible God. Creation participates in the Son's work of making the Father visible. In the Son, they are icons, or images of God and thus are marked with an invisible depth that exceeds what appears, though that invisible depth articulates itself precisely in what appears. In this strict sense, then, creation - contrary to the claims of the Gnostics- does not exist "outside" of God..." J. Kameron Carter, Race: a Theological Account, p.24
So far, this is a fantastic book. Thanks, Mr. Carter. I thought this quote nicely illustrated a way to understand, among other things, the witness of creation without falling into a kind of natural theology.


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