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There is a fascinating article, "Are You a Christian Hipster?" posted at Still Searching. It's not meant to be funny, but it is observant. I guess I'm plain enough that it doesn't hit me square on, but you should read it and see (it's short). The related links, however, yielded a gold mine. Humor is a good way to help us see something about ourselves we might otherwise be blind to.

First mention is of course The Lark, a christian satire page. It is like The Onion for the church. Particularly relevant for us was the current article of mini churches acting mega. I lol'd. (I think it's a time-based link so if it disappears, its vol.5, issue 10.) The Wittenburg Door , an old humor standby, with headlines such as "Anglican Steel Cage Death Match Might Be Postponed" is essentially the same thing. Perhaps the slickest of the Christian Onions is The Holy Observer. My favorite quote: 'I wish that baby would grow up one of these years so I'd have less competition" -Santa'

Stuff Christians Like, the obvious knockoff on Stuff White People like. The author really does a fine job as the posts are on average insightful and pretty funny, too. Honestly, I wish I had beat him to the blog. I wouldn't have been as funny, but I would appreciate the ad-sense income much more than he would. Some that grabbed my attention:

#14 Dating God instead of Me: "One of the things that Christians at my college liked to say if they didn't want to date you was, "I'm not dating anyone right now, I'm dating God." So the guy, who really just wanted to play mini golf or have a bowl of pasta at the Olive Garden, has to find a way to get you to break up with God. "

# 91 Seeing Sin as a Catapult: This one is a great sermon on sin. Have you ever had a friend that says something like this: "I don't know how it happened. Things were going really well and then suddenly my life was out of control. It really snuck up on me."

#189 The (God) DTR:
They say: "I think God is calling me into missions."
They mean: "The first place God wants me to visit is a land called 'somwhere you are not.' I'm leaving tonight. I'm breaking up with you."

#191 Committees on Committees about Committees: "A church I know has a banner committee. I think they get together and talk about banners. How flat they are, how long they are, how to roll them up. This is what I imagine anyway, because no one has ever asked me to be on a committee." This may be my favorite story so far. The author is a real life meatspace author, I believe.

Finally, truth is stranger than fiction. I present to you the Butter Cow Lady and her sculpture of the last supper. In Butter.


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