terrorism: a matter of perspective?

I have been reading Vinoth Ramachandra's terrific new book, Subverting Global Myths. I am not far into it, but it is creeping up my "must read recommendations " list. He does a profound job poking holes in the myths that underwrite our western world, largely by recounting history and suggesting an alternative, Christian response. Here's a little taste to mess with you:

"The Soviet Union made its fatal move into Afghanistan on Christmas Eve, 1979, not long after the Shah had fled Iran, two events that redefined global politics for generations to come. The afghan communist party (the Peoples' Democratic Party of Afghanistan) had participated , along with the Afghan army, in a bloodless revolution in 1973 against feudal rule. It took power directly in April 1978 and pushed through progressive reforms. It introduced free medical care in the poorest areas, educated women, recognized the rights of ethnic minorities and freedom of religion. (By the late 1980s half the university students in the country were women, and women made up 40 percent of Afghanistan's doctors and 30 percent of its civil servants.) The reforms were opposed by Islamic parties and tribal warlords collectively known as the mujahedin. The Soviet Union sent its army to help the PDP government fight off the warlords, but before they did so the CIA had already begun a covert action program in support of the mujahedin. Ironically, the Soviets justified their incursion into Afghanistan in the same terms the American government used to justify their invasion in November 2001: they were combating 'religious fundamentalism' and 'terrorism'. "

The chapter heading is "Reaping the Whirlwind."

..just saying...


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