I'm a twit

Well, we've gone and done it: Epic now has a twitter account. Not necessarily because we need to know what beverage I spilled while driving, or what traffic on I-5 is up to. I hope we get to use it as a spontaneous gathering tool so more people can serendipitously meet up for lunch across the Southland. In my defense, I refuse to even consider a Facebook account. I prefer friends I can touch. ooh. that sounds creepy. I mean, I prefer friends that I can feel their breath in a conversation. -that's gross too.

Well, there's no getting around it: the body creates a whole host of problems for modern humanity. Technology helps us ignore its inconveniences and indulge its proclivities. We are Gnostics of convenience, -which aside from being my next band's name, shows how much we need the incarnation as a central feature of our theology.

The beast is below in the right column


  1. Does that mean you've sold your soul? Good to see you yesterday brother and great conversation....


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