clip of the month: gravedigger

It's been a tough beginning of the year. We all ask the question "Why Lord?", but there is no response at times. Willie and the blues picks me up, helps me sort out my own feelings. ( I luv Willie) This is one of those songs that appeals to my bleak side. Not indie-rock bleak, but salt of the earth bleak. Give me sugar skulls and resonator guitars to sing my pain into, not Starbucks and suburbs :)

When I listen, I hear the gospel in it: all of humanity does indeed live as judged by God. It's a song that reinforces what Barth called God's "Nein!". We are judged and there is no help in us. Christ is His Yes, and so the refrain

"...when you dig my grave
dig it shallow,
so I can feel. the. rain

Hints that death is not the end, just the enemy. Good stuff.


  1. Drop me a line, what's going on for you personally? How can I be praying for you? Let me know if you have time to get together...

  2. oh, the usual. We've been fighting more car problems and joblessness, amongst all the rest. I'll def hit you up Big D.

  3. Death is not the enemy but a mystery to be understood. And a process which, by its very nature, demands ones moment to moment conscious participation

    These references point out that the understanding of the meaning & significance is the key to right life altogether.

    Otherwise everything one does is crippled by a hell-deep fear and trembling

  4. I prefer Britney Spears to help me sort out my feelings

  5. That is more than I had hoped for! :>)


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