sermon resources

As promised in church today, here are some resources for our series on politics. If your are looking for a place to give, I would recommend our partners, and of course tithing;

  1. Here's a simple site to find your representative. You may contact them at will about concerns, not just bills. Just a note voicing concern over things can have an effect.
  2. Definitely check out Sojourners: Christians for Peace and Justice to learn more about getting involved in matters of society and policy. It's a fine Christian organization..
  3. For more information on Fair Trade and globally just practices, check out the Fair Trade site. It details everything from unjust farming practices to child labor. It is not Christian if that matters to you.
  4. Here is the sermon that originally inspired today's message. Thanks Mr. Fabricius!
  5. And please feel free to suggest anymore in the comments!


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