roundup: politics and Yoder

I thought it might be nice to provide some political stimulation to complement our Sunday series, or just provoke some deep thoughts. The list is Yoder heavy, and that's on purpose!
  • Between Sojourners and the Simple Way? Rethinking Radical, Evangelical Politics in ’08 with John Howard Yoder : This is an approachable article from Tim Kumfer, who interned with Sojourners at He briefly sketches the approaches of Jim Wallis and Shane Claiborne, saying one represents working within the system, the other without. Kumfer then shows how Yoder is a better synthesis of both views. Good stuff and fine introduction to the discussion.
  • Anglican, Plain shares a great Yoder quote on politics and "house rules" of the ancient world (Haustafeln). Be careful with this one, though. Yoder isn't trying to justify oppression; quite the opposite, but the echoing the NT passages on submission, the blogger uses the language of submission in the discussion. It rides that line in which the gospel fress us and calls us to serve.
  • Peace Theology's Ted Grimsrud, a Mennonite, posts a great fascinating analysis of Romans 13 (submit to government) and Yoder's resistance to "empire". It's a bit long for a coffee break browse, but a great introduction to thinking through the difficulties of Romans 13. Should Christians obey the state? Always?
  • When the Politics of Jesus Makes a Difference: Ok, this article is a great find! It is Haurerwas refelcting on Yoder's The Politics of Jesus. :) A must read!
  • And, in the interest of discussion, here is Richard John Neuhaus's critique of Hauerwas (and by extension Yoder) and the temptation to disengage with the world he perceives in him. It's a great read, certainly provocative. Check out An Election About the Nature of the Church at the First Things Blog. (always a great read)


  1. Magdalena Perks10/30/08, 12:19 PM

    Hi, I'm Magdalena, also known as Anglican, Plain. Not subjugation, Erin, but obedience and humility. So it's a little more than liberation. It's that odd mixture in Christianity of freedom in Christ, obedience to Christ.

  2. Thanks for the clarification. If'n folk are interested, I left a clarifying comment (I hope) over at your blog,

  3. oops, I think I offended her as my comment was deleted on the blog. *sigh* The internet is truly a wretched way to communicate! *sigh* I certainly apologize for any e-misunderstandings. (I accidently double posted my comment, too, making it 2x as awkward!)


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