clip of the month: Nothing Bad Ever happens to Me

ok, so here it is. My single most favorite band. Ever.
Oingo Boingo
I will spare you my rapturous musing about the syncopated rhythms, the brass sections, the quirkiness and overall brilliance of the band. Instead I thought I'd just post a video. The song is Nothing Bad Ever Happens to Me. It must be a parody of Orange County. It's from the album Good For Your Soul, which actually contains a backwards-masked message that mocks the paranoia of the times. The message, when played forward, is;
Praise God! Brothers and sisters!
Accept Jesus into your heart and you will saved!
You will receive everlasting life
Listen to me, I've sinned, I know
Praise Jesus and you will be saved, saved, saved
Praise God, you are healed, healed, healed."
Awesome. Just awesome.


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