Sabbath life

There is a fascinating article over at Eureka Street. It refers to some Australian politics regarding working conditions, some comments by the Prime Minister, and the ensuing discussion of work is great! And it's written by a Hamilton. :) Check out a little sample:

"If the way in which we work does not offer us space to nurture the significant relationships in our lives, to explore our other gifts, to contribute to our communities, and to reflect on the meaning and direction of our lives, we are likely to be overworking.

Of course some work, for example crafts and gardening, offers space to nurture some aspects of our humanity.

The metaphor of space brings together the time and the focus we need to bring to the variety of relationships and commitments that shape our humanity. Overwork crimps our space in a way that becomes habitual and self-destructive.

Overwork is morally unjustifiable because it makes instrumental goals central, and fails to respect deeper human values. The security, affluence, status, approval or reputation that we seek can be helpful means to develop relationships, allow us to continue learning and make a difference to others' lives. But in overworking we make these things goals, and so erode our humanity."

Just to be clear, he just said that if work does not allow sufficient space for relationship it is overwork. Sit on that a bit. In fact, he implies it's sin..... It makes me question whether or not it is even possible to live justly in California, given the cost of living!


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