what is a pastor?

I mean besides someone to vent all of the unfulfilled father and power issues on....
What do I do? What is my skill or profession? Most people break the position down as either orator or manager (the good ones are even CEO's !), but these aren't particularly biblical definitions and besides, whatever pastors are clearly, it's not enough....
So I like to take polls and surveys. I figure its the one place I get to give my opinion anonymously, as just one opinion among many without any negative repercussions. So I take every survey and opinion poll possible. I also hope to win a PS3, but that's just the flesh talkin'.

Most of these polls, like the one I filled out today for a museum, ask for your profession and offer several fields to choose from. Inevitably, there is no clergy category, so I am forced to choose between "Health Services" or "Other". Sometimes I get "health" or "mental health" or "service" or "caring professions"and I choose those. I figure if I write "pastor" they will just throw my submission out like jury duty.

It's funny to me that the options for pastor are so institutionalized. In particularly, most of the options that seem to cover it are largely physical sciences: psychology, mental health, etc. So mental health is really about as close to emotions and feelings and "care for the soul" as I can get. Until ministry, I always produced a product you could touch: construction. I'm not expecting that intercession or spiritual direction would be listed, let alone "influencing unto maturity," but it is striking to me that the primary categories of industry these pollsters see in the world are largely material and functional, not personal or connective. It just all seems so soulless.

Of course, it could just be that I am no longer functional at all


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