speaking of church ...

Perhaps you saw this article about the faith-hopping of Americans. The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life published the results of their survey. best quote; "
The single biggest "winner," in terms of number gained versus number lost, was not a religious group at all, but the "unaffiliated" category. About 16% of those polled defined their religious affiliation that way (including people who regarded themselves as religious, along with atheists and agnostics); only 7% had been brought up that way. That's an impressive gain, but Lugo points out that churn is everywhere: even the unaffiliated group lost 50% of its original membership to one church or another.
Even the uncommitted are noncommittal about their membership! Turns out, people church hop. Actually, they denomination hop. Apparently, people have lots of church choices and don't mind exercising them. Who knew. More on this later :)


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