lent: it's not what's for breakfast.

Lent is upon us at Epic. (Careful observers will note that this post follows my previous thoughts about liturgy.) My friend told me my favorite story thus far:
"I went to an Ash Wednesday service. The church held a very solemn service with a message about not letting the right hand know what the left is doing, not praying in public, and in general not being "showy" about the faith. And then everybody walked out with a big grey cross smeared on their foreheads.....:)"
Lent is a great opportunity to practice transformative liturgy. It's a way to get past, if momentarily, the tyranny of our own need.

But far from a simple apophosis (which was to be the original name for this blog until it was pointed out nobody would (a) know what I mean and (b) care...), Lent teaches discipline and engages the world giving alms and service. In the 4th century the church in Jerusalem would hold class for catechumens hours at a time instructing the new believers in the proper way of life. Now that's Lent! None of this mamby-pamby, "I gave up text-messaging for Lent." This was, "I will empty my schedule to study and train in my faith for Lent, just like my pastor tells me!" :)

We have so many things available to distract us and feed our various appetites, that I wonder if the positive practices; increased scripture studies, formal intercession times, new volunteering, training times, reading theology, shape us for the simple fact our lives are so crammed full of stuff we have to stop something to engage in new spiritual practices. No wonder unplugging is a spiritual experience. I have been spurred to think more about Lent by a fascinating article in the London Telegraph. (It's shorter than my ASCII detritus)
Check it out

And in conclusion, I'm happy to have made it through this Lenten post without mentioning once anything I've given up.
Take that blogworld.


  1. is that andrew's head? :)

  2. hysterical!
    I just grabbed a chopped a random picture, but now that you mention it...I can't help but see it as his head!
    I should have grabbed one of him. Great call :)

  3. i love the story!!! that can look like Andrew's head though.

    i too have not mention anything what i've given up in this comment. fantastic.

  4. I won't mention who told me the story, but it was a Long story .....


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