Clip of the Month: Stakes Is High

So this is it: this may be my favorite Hip Hop group [Ali voice] of all time [/Ali]. I love De La before and after Tommy Boy. This song is the best critique of worldy pursuits; trenchant, groovy, funny and for you, dear reader - a radio edit. How great is Maury!? A brilliant touch in theme and aesthetic!
*Note: they do speak of donkeys in King James English.


  1. Hey Erin! I love me some De La Soul! Stakes is High might be one of the best hiphop songs of all time! Good stuff!

  2. 'yup, they're the real thing. I always thought people were into Tribe more than De La,...unfortunately.

    Anyways, you got me hooked on MURS. He has a mellow groove, but some really clever lyrics.


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