shocking revelations about church growth

Have you seen this?
After spending millions of dollars on a longitudinal study, Willow Creek has concluded that attendance alone does not transform people.

Well, glad that's cleared up.

Check out the video by Hawkins. It is done well, up to Willow Creek's usual high standards. Here's an article that seems to be posted everywhere that is a nice vanilla summary. And here's a post on a site that cracks me up (it is wonderfully contradictory) - the 2nd comment is a nice one.

...I would have charged much less, btw.

What do you think? I respect them for publicly repenting (kind of, anyways). Given their response, ("Eureka! We've discovered a big problem - let's throw more money at it and continue to ignore what the rest of the church universal says...) it is difficult to tell if they "get" what the problem really is. I'll just chalk it up to the limitations of a modernist corporate boomer worldview and be on my smug little way.

I daresay though, that it is refreshing they are upfront and honest about their failings and publicly reevaluating their assumptions.


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